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Jenny Rose Heartsong

This is a post from Jenny's Facebook

I am at an event in downtown Los Angeles tonight. I usually say no when homeless people ask for money, and this woman asked specifically for a meal at KFC.

I had been talking about prosperity and how important it is to give to others in need to help our own prosperity go forward exactly when she asked.

I'm going to admit I've judged the homeless in the past, saying they live in America and this is the land of opportunity and I usually don't give money to the homeless. But this woman touched my soul.

I walked with her to KFC and got her a dinner and while waiting in line I talked to her about her "story" and why she was living on the streets.

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She fully opened up to me about how she used to work for accounting and lost her job to a computer. She then started doing janitor work and hurt herself on the job. She had to get surgery and after her job wouldn't take her back. Because of recovery she lost her home of 35 years and was stuck on the streets. She's waiting on paperwork so she could get a home. She said she didn't want to have a job because she didn't have proper clothes or a way to shower. She just needed food and needed to get by.

It was empowered by her story to do something. I have been trying to figure out a solution and I thought about an amazing one tonight. I encourage anyone to copy my idea.

What if we did a personal development event for the homeless and the way we get them to show up is provide a healthy, delicious meal and they get the meal if they sit through the presentation? We feed their bodies and their minds! This could be a life changing experience.

If I tagged you in this post it's because I could see you too doing an event.

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